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Item # White Flux

White Brazing Flux

Designed for use with all silver alloys on all metals except aluminum, magnesium or titanium, White Flux is active in the 1100 ºF to 1600 ºF range. Choose from 1#, 5#, 30# and 50# containers.

White Flux is a water base paste consisting of a unique combination of potassium salts of fluorine and boric acid. It is recommended for use with torch, induction, furnace, resistance, dip and other heating methods. Our quality control ensures a creamy consistency. White Flux can be used in the concentrated form or can be diluted. Heating the flux to 150 ºF – 175 ºF dilutes it to a thin consistency without water. White Flux also readily dilutes to a thin consistency using 60 cc of cold or hot water per pound of flux.

5 lbs. flux – mix with 300 cc water (1/3 quart)
30 lbs. flux – mix with 1800 cc water (2 quarts)
50 lbs. flux – mix with 3000 cc water (3 1/4 quarts) 

Water diluted flux retains good suspension without settling.

White Flux can be applied using a brush, dip or spray. The wetting ability is excellent. Vertical adherence as applied and upon heating is excellent. There is no spatter on heating with concentrated flux, slight spatter will occur with water diluted flux due to escaping steam. Ultra Flux has excellent adhesion without cracking when applied to parts which are air dried or heat dried before brazing. It also has a long storage life without crystallizing or caking.

Protection of parts and flux life under heating are excellent. Oxide absorption and brazing alloy flow are also excellent on all metals when White Flux is used. Flux residue removal is easy with hot water. This feature saves time and problems with corrosion later on.

When brazing with White Flux, the braze joint quality is excellent. White Flux conforms to the various AMS, AWS and Government specifications which are listed on the flux label.

Composition Potassium salts of fluorine and boric acid
Type Paste - Particle size # 325 mesh or finer
Ph 8.0
Water Content 35% or less
Dilution Water 60 cc/lb. Heat 150º - 170º
Containers 1 lb jar
1/2 lb jar
30 lb pail
5 lb jar
50 lb pail
Specifications OF499C, Type B, AWS Brazing Flux 3A AMS 3410
Effective Range 1100 to 1600 ºF
Custom Formulations In some cases, the conventional products may not be suited to certain applications. We respond by providing custom formulations to meet your individual needs. Some examples are fluxes with modified water content or powdered fluxes with no water. Whatever your applications, we have the products you need to succeed.
Pricing & availability Bellman-Melcor distributes the highest quality soldering fluxes produced by the industry's elite manufacturers. Given the tremendous variety of available products, we treat each order as an opportunity to provide our customers with the best possible solution to their needs. Please consult our customer support team for pricing information.

Bellman-Melcor distinguishes itself as a provider of premium quality brazing alloys at industry competitive prices. Our extensive inventory of brazing and soldering alloys ensures that in most cases your order can be available for immediate delivery.

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