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Item # ChannelFlux Silver® A-56T

ChannelFlux® Silver A56T is a highly effective substitute for Brazeit #45 and a flux integrated alternative to solid A56T brazing wire. It has the lowest flow point of the cadmium-free brazing alloys and offers outstanding flow and ductility. Great color match for stainless steel and silver. ChannelFlux® Silver A-56T has the lowest brazing temperature, best wetting, and best flow of all the cadmium-free brazing alloys. It has a slight plastic range which may be noticed during melting on some applications. Its low zinc content minimizes problems due to excessive heating (as in furnace brazing) or due to excessive heating (as by less skilled operators). For this reason, it is often preferred over Brazeit A35, Brazeit A45, or Brazeit A50 for furnace brazing, or any brazing operation where the alloy is molten for an extended period of time. It is often selected for use on silver or stainless steel due to its excellent color match. ChannelFlux® Silver A-56T is often used because it does not cause stress cracking of nickel, nickel alloys, or stainless steel as readily as the other low melting alloys. The fact that ChannelFlux® Silver A-56T is cadmium-free has led to its use on food handling equipment where cadmium can be hazardous and its use is prohibited by law. Operating temperature for ChannelFlux® Silver A-56T is up to 400 ºF in continuous service and up to 600 ºF in intermittent service. Where improved corrosion resistance is needed, ChannelFlux® Silver A50N and ChannelFlux® Silver A40N2 are recommended over silver based brazing alloys not containing nickel.

Minimum Order 1
Package Type Each
Units Per Package 1
Silver (Ag) 56.0 ± 1.0%
Copper (Cu) 22.0 ± 1.0%
Zinc (Zn) 17.0 ± 2.0%
Tin (Sn) 5.0 ± 0.5%
Total Other Elements 0.15% Max.
Melting Pt. 618 ºC
1145 ºF
Flow Pt. 650 ºC
1205 ºF
MBT 1400
AWS A5.8 BAg-7
Approx. Wire Length (BCuP/lb.) (BAg/Tr.oz) 265 in; 0.031 diameter
29 in; 0.093 diameter
65 in; 0.062 diameter

Bellman-Melcor distinguishes itself as a provider of premium quality brazing alloys at industry competitive prices. Our extensive inventory of brazing and soldering alloys ensures that in most cases your order can be available for immediate delivery.

Color White
Solidus 618 ºC
1145 ºF
Liquidus 652 ºC
1205 ºF
Brazing Range 652 to 760 ºC
1205 to 1400 ºF
Specific Gravity 9.49
Density 4.96 T.oz./
Electrical Conductivity 11.9 % IACS
Electrical Resistivity 14.5 Micro ohm-cm

Typical applications are the joining of ferrous, nonferrous, and dissimilar metals and alloys with close joint clearances. Excellent replacement to cadmium containing alloys when low melt temperature is required. Good corrosion properties Color match to stainless.

Standard forms for ChannelFlux Silver A-56T are brazing wire, brazing rod, and brazing preforms.

It is essential that adequate ventilation be provided so that personnel will not inhale gases and fumes while brazing. The operation and maintenance of brazing equipment or facility should conform to the provisions of American National Standard (ANSI) Z49.1, "Safety in Welding and Cutting". For more complete information, refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for Brazeit A-56T.

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