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Item # BrazeIt 45

Good for brazing dissimilar metals.
Brazeit 45 is the lowest melting brazing alloy available composed of silver, copper, zinc and cadmium. It is suitable for brazing most metals except aluminum and magnesium. It is used for brazing steel, stainless steel, copper, copper alloys, nickel, nickel alloys or combinations of these metals. It has wide acceptance by industrial users, as well as being included in Federal and military specifications on brazing filler metals or alloys. It has a narrow melting range which is not apparent in most brazing operations, making it flow freely through a capillary.

Melting Pt. 1125 ºF
607 ºC
Flow Pt. 1145 ºF
618 ºC
MBT1 1400
AWS A5.8 BAg-1
AMS 4769
QQ-B-654 Grade VII
MIL-B-15345 Grade VII
Preform Options Brazing Discs
Brazing Rings
Brazing Washers
Resale Options2 Brazing Rod
Brazing Strip
Brazing Wire
Approx. Wire Length (BCuP/lb.) (BAg/Tr.oz) 265 in; 0.031 diameter
28 in; 0.093 diameter
65 in; 0.062 diameter

Bellman-Melcor distinguishes itself as a provider of premium quality brazing alloys at industry competitive prices. Our extensive inventory of brazing and soldering alloys ensures that in most cases your order can be available for immediate delivery.

Solidus 1125 ºF
607 ºC
Liquidus 1145 ºF
618 ºC
Brazing Range 1145 to 1400 ºF
618 to 760 ºC
Specific Gravity 9.34
Density 4.96 T.oz./
Electrical Conductivity 27.6 % IACS
Electrical Resistivity 6.06 Micro ohm-cm
Color Light Yellow

Typical applications are the brazing of ferrous, nonferrous and dissimilar metals and alloys close joint clearances.

Lowest melting range in joining ferrous, non-ferrous and dissimilar metals with close joint clearance requirement.

Standard forms of Brazeit 45 are brazing wire, brazing strip and brazing preforms.

Brazeit 45 contains cadmium and therefore upon heating may produce toxic fumes. It is essential that adequate ventilation be provided so that personnel will not inhale gases and fumes while brazing. The operation and maintenance of brazing equipment or facility should conform to the provisions of American National Standard (ANSI) Z49.1, "Safety in Welding and Cutting." For more complete information, refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for Brazeit 45.

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