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Bellman Melcor

Item # 96/4

A lead free, free-flowing solder that can be used with most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, 96/4 is used widely throughout the HVACR industry. A good choice when the high heat of a brazing alloy alternative would weaken the base metals significantly.

Melting Pt. 430 ºF
221 ºC
Flow Pt. 430 ºF
221 ºC
MBT1 470
AWS Sn 96
Preform Options Bands (Sleeves)
Custom Designs
Discs - Coated, Cored
Rings - Coated, Cored
Washers - Coated,
Cored, Linked
Resale Options Bar (Various Sizes)
Strip - Flux Core
Wire - Flux Core

Bellman-Melcor distinguishes itself as a provider of premium quality brazing alloys at industry competitive prices. Our extensive inventory of brazing and soldering alloys ensures that in most cases your order can be available for immediate delivery.

Color Silver

A lead-free, free flowing solder used on most ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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