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Bellman Melcor

Plymetal & Custom Laminate Brazing Alloys

Plymetal is a special 3 part alloy with layers of silver brazing alloy clad to a center layer of copper alloy (1:2:1 ratio). Plymetal brazing alloys are excellent for brazing larger carbide cutting tool parts that are prone to cracking and/or distortion due to differences in thermal expansion rates of base metals.

  Item # Copper (Cu) Silver (Ag) Melting Pt. Flow Pt. MBT Color
5031 Plymetal 1170 ºF 1270 ºF
2501 Plymetal 1220 ºF 1435 ºF
A50N Plymetal 1220 ºF 1305 ºF

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