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Bellman Melcor

Aluminum Brazing Alloys

Used for the joining of aluminum base metals to similar or dissimilar base metals. Aluminum brazing alloys typically contain silicon (under the BAlSi classification) or zinc and melt below the solidus of brazeable base metals. Wire and rod are used for manual applications, and preformed rings or shapes for furnace operations. A flux must be used to wet the base metal and inhibit surface oxides unless brazing in a vacuum.

  Item # Aluminum (Al) Silicon (Si) Melting Pt. Flow Pt. MBT Color
98/2 2 N/A 715 ºF 379 ºC 725 ºF 385 ºC 800 Silver-Gray (Soldered)
BrazeIt 716 Balance 10 970 ºF 521 ºC 1085 ºF 585 ºC 1120 Silver
BrazeIt 718 Balance 12 1070 ºF 577 ºC 1080 ºF 582 ºC 1120 Silver

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