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3 Important Reasons to Use ChannelFlux Brazing Alloys

While demonstrating ChannelFlux alloys at trade shows over the past several years, attendees notice how easy it makes brazing.  While ease of use is a key benefit of ChannelFlux products, other key benefits are of greater value.  The following three benefits have been identified as most important based upon customer feedback and experience as well as internal testing.

ChannelFlux reduces process steps for braze operators.  Traditionally, an operator must manually apply flux before introducing an alloy either by hand feeding or pre-placement of preforms.  ChannelFlux adds a perfectly proportionate amount of flux on the inner diameter of the wire, thereby eliminating the need to apply flux manually.  In addition, the flux to alloy ratio can be adjusted to customer specification.

ChannelFlux provides greater braze joint strength than does solid wire with manual flux application.  Joints brazed with ChannelFlux regularly outperform joints brazed with solid wire and manual flux, due in large part to inconsistent flux application on joints brazed with solid wire.  Excess flux, which acts as an insulator, can lead to required variations in heat patterns or cycles.  Excess flux can also result in voids and flux entrapment.  Channelflux provides a consistent amount of flux with every braze.

ChannelFlux controls “process waste” by providing the proper amount of flux required to stabilize the joining process.  Not only is the process step of pre-fluxing the joint eliminated, but when using Aluminum ChannelFlux, post braze cleaning can be eliminated entirely.  When using ChannelFlux Silver, the amount of residue produced per braze joint is significantly reduced due to the elimination of excess flux in the joint, resulting in less time cleaning post-braze.

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