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Proper technique is essential when brazing copper to aluminum

Although it requires practice, brazing of aluminum to copper can be successful using a tightly controlled process.  The most appropriate technique to use when joining these two base metals is flame brazing, using a low-temperature melting flux and brazing alloy. …

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Braze Stop Considerations

Milk of Magnesia, which is readily available at most retail outlets, can be as effective a braze stop as any stop off products.  A typical stop off is a mixture of metallic oxide powders and a liquid; plain Milk of…

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A Closer Look at Aluminum Brazing

On a basic level, brazing aluminum is similar to brazing other base metals.  However, aluminum’s low melting temperature, lower melt temperature brazing alloys, and specialized fluxes make brazing aluminum a unique process. 3000 series aluminum is the most frequently brazed…

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Brazing Process Selection – Four Essential Engineering Decisions

Identification of an application’s function, selection of materials, definition of an application’s shape, and selection of an appropriate brazing process are the four essential engineering decisions contributing to a successful brazing operation.  If there is a problem with your brazing…

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Preforms Align with Lean Manufacturing Goals

A preform, a manufactured shape of brazing filler metal, may be pre-placed in an assembly prior to automated brazing. Made from bulk wire or strip, preforms include rings, washers, discs, shims, edgewounds, and custom shapes. A key benefit of preform…

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ZA-1: Addressing a Narrow Thermal Processing Window

Addressing the narrow thermal processing window is perhaps the biggest concern when considering an aluminum brazing project.  The problem, simply stated, is that the aluminum base metals melt at about the same temperature as the brazing filler metal.  The solidus…

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Brazing Carbide

Silver brazing shims have proved the best way to secure carbide to tools.  Shims require no additional space and can be replaced or salvaged by melting off and re-brazing. Torch and induction brazing are the most adaptable processes for joining…

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