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3 Important Reasons to Use ChannelFlux Brazing Alloys

While demonstrating ChannelFlux alloys at trade shows over the past several years, attendees notice how easy it makes brazing.  While ease of use is a key benefit of ChannelFlux products, other key benefits are of greater value.  The following three…

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Brazing Filler Metals for Induction Brazing

Induction brazing, like all other methods of brazing, requires selection of an appropriate brazing alloy and flux (if applicable). Copper-based brazing metals are used extensively in the the brazing of steel automobile components and are frequently induction brazed.  Copper is…

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How to Stop Melting your Aluminum Coils

The biggest problem faced by operators  new to aluminum torch brazing is the close proximity of the brazing alloy’s melt temperature to the melt temperature of the assembly.  This can be especially problematic when brazing air-conditioning coils, where there are…

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The Top 3 Challenges of Aluminum Brazing

Aluminum base metals present a number of challenges during brazing.  First, the low melting temperature of aluminum base metals requires more precise heat control, and the lack of color change that occurs during heating doesn’t give braze operators any visual…

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Brazing Hard Carbide – A Primer

Cutting tools like drills, dies, and machine tool bits as well as masonry, rock and mining drills are frequently made with carbide.  At fast cutting speeds, carbide increases the life of the cutting edge. While many mechanical fastening methods have…

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Creed Darling – Director of Technical Services

We are pleased to welcome Creed Darling to Bellman-Melcor as our new Director of Technical Services! Prior to joining Bellman-Melcor, Creed spent 5 years in operational roles including Plant Manager and Director of Operations in the power sports and metal…

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Ten Reasons to Braze Your Application

There are a variety of reliable metal joining methods.  Why choose to braze your application as opposed to any other method of joining?  Evaluating the appropriateness of brazing for your metal joining application requires consideration of the part’s end service…

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Proper technique is essential when brazing copper to aluminum

Although it requires practice, brazing of aluminum to copper can be successful using a tightly controlled process.  The most appropriate technique to use when joining these two base metals is flame brazing, using a low-temperature melting flux and brazing alloy. …

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Braze Stop Considerations

Milk of Magnesia, which is readily available at most retail outlets, can be as effective a braze stop as any stop off products.  A typical stop off is a mixture of metallic oxide powders and a liquid; plain Milk of…

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